Podcast Episode 6 – Bitcoin


In this episode, Perry finally gets Wolfe to let him talk about his latest obsession: Bitcoin. We discuss how it works technically, what we like, what we don’t and mostly try to educate Wolfe and anyone else who has no idea what’s going on with this thing.

About David Perry

David Perry is a lifelong computer nerd, professional computer programmer and collector of geeky hobbies. You can see more work from this author at his personal blog or YouTube channel.


  1. Trekgirl7of9 says:

    I love it! Bitcoin is the future.

  2. Where did the video go?

    • Read the update, video was pulled for (incorrect) copyright flagging issues. Basically our intro/outro music is a CC-licensed remix of a popular song but it's similar enough that YouTube's automated systems flagged it as a copyright violation. I'm working on re-making the video without intro/outro music since that was added in post anyway. The audio is still available, for the time being.

  3. You joined on December 26 2011, thats over 2 years… Downloaded the blockchain in 4 hours and completely updated it. 20mbit connection but pretty high end pc AMD 7970 with intel i7-3930K and 16gb ram.

  4. cypherdoc says:

    geezus David, that was outstanding. i’ve been reading your articles over the years when i see them and i’ve always known you get it. but i had no idea just how well you do plus what a great speaker you are. clear speaking and thinking.

    i was impressed with the Lets Talk Bitcoin guy but you vastly exceed his ability and understanding. you’re at a Matonis level.

    you in fact, would be a great spokesperson. congratulations!

    • Thanks! I always appreciate feedback, good or bad, but I\’m especially happy when it\’s good. Speaking of being a great spokesperson, I\’m actually going to be one of the \”Improving Ease of Use\” panelists at the upcoming conference in San Jose.

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